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Re-emergence of Ninjetti powers
Title: Holding True
Author: Melissa Morris
Fandom: Power Rangers
Why it's here: This is, I think, one of the first good fics I ever read, and one that stuck in my mind. It's also one of the better ones that deal with the PR trope of remaking teams.

Has a well-done Power Rangers theory running through it.

I was a massive fan of Dulcea as a character - the first 'mentor' type figure that actually showed the ability to do something beyond being the font of information. And, let's face it, an entrance where you jump off a mountain and whip off a longcoat to reveal bikini? Kinda badass. Very nicely features a continuation of the Dulcea/Adam dynamic, as well.

Quotes: Time had passed since the earth was in danger from the outside. No Rangers had faced the minions of evil in battle for many years and the battles of space were distant memories to some and nothing to others. Those who had once defended in secrecy now lived lives much more mundane . . . in comparison. All that was left of those days of valor and danger were memories . . .

Where: http://www.pcshock.com/prmania/fic_shoppe/melissamorris/ht01.html

HP - American magic war
Title: And Save Me From Bloody Men
Author: Blame Brampton
Summary: Draco Malfoy once watched others fighting to stop the world falling apart. This time, he's not just watching.
Why it's here: I read it as an AU where September 11 went even worse, and the fallout when the American magical world gets the masquerade abruptly ripped down around their ears.

This is driven a lot more by description than dialogue. The overreaching story is very fleshed out. The best metaphor I can think of is that the HP books were written so we looked out from the middle of a war, this fic was written to look into one.

It's also a very nice look at what an atoning Draco Malfoy may have wanted to do when another war brews.

I believed in free will. Believed we all had it.

Believed that I picked and chose, that every step was taken of my own volition.

Which was absurd, because I grew up watching Imperiuses being used blithely. And yet I tell you that I chose to be here.

Where: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4975615/1/And_Save_Me_From_Bloody_Men

Top Gear does Supernatural
hands in air
Title: Untitled
Fandom: Top Gear / Supernatural
Author: cribbins
Summary: Top Gear decide to have a go at being hunters. Ambitious....but rubbish.
Why it's here: It's probably the most awesome fanfiction Top Gear Challenge ever. I can't think of any better, and anything better would stick out a hell of a lot.

Also? You can just imagine every single situation & word happening on a real episode of Top Gear.

It's the most understated comedy, really. There's nine exclamation points in the entire long thing, and yet it somehow becomes even funnier when the action hits and the narration uses none of them, just judicious usage of loud voice capitals from James & Jeremy.

“[BEEP],” said May, unsure as how to proceed.
“No, I’m fine, I’m more worried about what happened to the truck than would you stop fondling me.” Hammond ripped his hands off like he’d discovered Clarkson was coated in a fine layer of anthrax.

Where: http://the-funmonkey.livejournal.com/41334.html

First post.
haze hazy
Greetings to anyone who may have stumbled across this here community. It consists mainly of fanfiction recommendations from y2jdingo - these are the fics I read and want to make a point of rereading in the future. Call it a 'favourites' list to cover many websites, with semi-detailed postings on why these fics are worth me making a note of them.

This is all completely my opinion. If I remark on a certain character acting a certain way, it is because that's my view of them, through the tinted glasses of my experience or lack thereof.


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